A Last Minute Checklist

Many brides tend to remember and come up with last minute details, although sometimes these brides might have wedding planners, they feel like they need to check and recheck the items needed for their wedding.

Most brides become highly nervous when their big day nears. In their nervous and panicky state they tend to forget many important details. So brides may need to do a quick checklist before their big day to make sure all tasks needed is completed and the wedding will run smoothly.

• Re-checking if the venue booked is confirmed and arrangement at venue is going as planned. Especially checking the entrance way of the venue, that is the church or the hotel. Because first impression of your wedding begins from here. It’s lovely if you could personalize the entryway. Also you could check the menu for the wedding with hotel and see if you need to change anything.

• Check if the seating is assigned arrangements are in place. You can have special tables for your family and friends assigned which will make them feel special and easy to find their seat. Or you could display escort cards.

• If you like to give some favors or maybe a gift for guests to take home, you need to start preparing and gift wrapping this early and not at the last moment. You could always ask your bridesmaids to lend a hand to this task. Also you can add a little personalize tag, showing your appreciation.

• Checking with your baker, the cake you chose will be ready on time. While your checking on the cake, you should remember you need a cake table to display the cake. Check with your decorator how you would like to decorate it. The cake table is the main point in the reception area and where the guests love to hover to get great pictures too.

• Many brides forget to feed themselves on their wedding day because of the jitters and nervousness they feel. But it is important have something other than just nibbles before your wedding begins. Pre-arrange a meal for you and your bridesmaids.

• Check if your appointments with your beautician is booked and confirmed. Always have a talk or trial run with your beautician before the wedding on how you would like to look.

• When you have a stylish exit, you need to check if your wedding cars hire is at the entrance.

Today wedding cars hire are done by many car rental companies. You can always book and select your car prior the upcoming nuptials. But always remember to tell the driver what time he needs to be there.

• Never forget to check with your photographer and tell him what and how you like your photos taken. Make sure the photograph comes to the venue early to capture some pre wedding photographs. Also you can give him a list of people name you need the photograph to capture.